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Business Aircraft Ops to India- Military Airports

  1. Famous Defense/ Military  Airports in India for General Aviation Flights : VIAG airport (Agra Airport), VIJO airport (Jodhpur Airport) , VEAB airport (Allahabad Airport), VABJ airport (Bhuj Airport), VEGK airport ( Gorakhpur airport), VEJT airport (Jorhat Airport), VIJR airport  (Jaisalmer Airport) , VICG airport (Chandigarh Airport), VIGR airport (Gwalior Airport), VAJM airport (Jamnagar Airport), VOVZ airport (Visakhapatnam Airport), VOGO airport (Goa Airport), VAPO airport ( Pune Airport), VOYK airport ( Yelahanka Air Force Station), VOPB airport (Port Blair Airport), VAOZ airport  (Ozar Airport), VIDX Airport (Hindon Airport).
  • Permit Requirements: It takes 3-4 weeks to obtain landing permit for defense airports.  For foreign registered operating into defense airfield Air Operations Routine (AOR number) is required in addition to Civil Air Office clearance. AOR is generally applied and coordinated by Handler or Agent on behalf of operator.

  • Detail required applying for landing permit: Operator Name, Acft Registration,  Acft Call Sign, Type of Aircraft, Schedule, ATS route to be flown, Crew Name, Passport details such as passport number, date of issue, date of expiry, Nationality, Date of Birth etc. Pax name, Passport details such as passport number, date of issue, date of expiry, Nationality, Date of Birth etc.
  • Parking: There is Paucity of Parking space at most of the Defense Airports .Overnight parking is strictly available with prior approval. All the foreign registered aircraft has to be parked on civil apron. General Aviation parking at VIJO airport (Jodhpur Airport), VOGO airport (Goa Airport) and VICG airport (Chandigarh airport) is generally not available due to limited parking stands.
  • Airport Slots: When you operate to Military Airports, airport slots are required. Slots are requested via e-mail / fax from the airport slot coordinator. This is generally done by the agent or handler on the behalf of operator.
  • Air Operations Routine (AOR number) : All Foreign Registered Aircraft operating flight into Military Airport (Naval or Air force) has to obtain AOR clearance for operating to/from defense aerodromes. AOR clearance will be issued by Director of Air Intelligence, Air Headquarter (Vayu Bhavan) / Naval HQ in coordination with MoD. Once AOR is obtained civil Air Office issues landing permit to operate into defense airport. This generally taken by your handler or agent in India.
  • Validity of AOR: Validity of AOR may vary. But normally it is (+) (-) 2hours. For delay beyond 2 hours on arrival / departure at Military airport¬† revised AOR clearance is required. This generally taken by your handler or agent in India.
  •  Curfew / Restrictions: Air force aircrafts are given priority over civil aircrafts. It is recommended to check General aviation watch hours and restrictions and curfew before you operate into Military Airport. Restrictions are issued depending on military exercise from time to time.
  • Flight Planning : On day of departure, your ground handler will notify air traffic control, ensure your flight plan is filed with local ATC (Air traffic Controller) and also submit paper work required for departure clearance. Your handler will ensure all airport fees are paid and invoice the operator at a later date. It is NOT mandatory for pilot in command to go to the tower to sign the flight plan. FIC (Flight Information centre) and ADC (Air Defense clearance) number are perquisite to obtain departure clearance (push back / start up permission). These numbers are coordinated by Agent / ground handler and pass on to PIC well before departure. It mandatory to mention AOR number along with date of issue on flight plan for defense airfields
  • General Aviation Crew Visa  Requirements for India : All general aviation crew arriving in India must carry with them a valid BUSINESS VISA issued by the Indian Embassy / Consulate or an E-BUSINESS VISA available online. If time permitting, it is recommended that they carry with them a valid Business Visa issued by the Indian Embassy/Consulate. For applying the Business Visa, some Embassies ask for an invitation/sponsorship letter which VVIP Flight will gladly provide.
  • Aviation Jet Fuel: Fuel facility is available at most of the Military airports in India.
  • Major International Airports in India  : VIDP Airport  (Delhi airport), VABB Airport (Mumbai airport), VOBL airport (Bangalore airport),VOMM  Airport ( Chennai Airport), VOGO airport (Goa Airport) , VECC  airport (Kolkata Airport), VOCI airport (Cochin Airport),VOHS airport ( Hyderabad Airport), VAAH airport (Ahmadabad Airport),VOTV airport ( Trivandrum Airport), VOCL airport ( Calicut Airport), VILK airport (Lucknow Airport), VIAR airport (Amritsar Airport), VOTR airport ( Trichy Airport), VIJP airport (Jaipur Airport), VOML airport (Mangalore Airport), VAPO airport (Pune Airport), VANP airport (Nagpur Airport),VOCB airport ( Coimbatore Airport), VEGY Airport (Gaya Airport), VEDB Airport (Bagdogra Airport), VEGT Airport (Guwahati Airport),VEBN Airport ( Varanasi Airport), VICG airport (Chandigarh Airport), VOVZ airport ( Vishakhapatnam Airport), VOMD airport  (Madurai Airport), VEBS airport (Bhubaneswar Airport) and VOPB airport ( Port Blair Airport).
  • Major  Domestic Airports in India : VEAT Airport (Agartala Airport), VIBR Airport (Kullu or Bhuntar Airport), VOAT Airport (Agatti Airport) VELR Airport (Lilabari Airport) (North Lakhimpur), VAAU Airport (Aurangabad Airport), VILK Airport (Ludhiana Airport), VEBA Airport (Behala Airport), VOMD Airport (Madurai Airport), VOBM Airport (Belgaum Airport), VOMY Airport (Mysore Airport) , VABV Airport (Bhavnagar Airport), VIPT Airport (Pantnagar Airport), VABP Airport (Bhopal Airport), VOPC Airport (Pondicherry Airport), VEBS Airport (Bhubaneswar Airport), VAPR Airport (Porbandar Airport) , VIDN Airport  (Dehradun Airport), VARP Airport (Raipur Airport), VEMN Airport (Dibrugarh Airport) , VORY Airport (Rajahmundry Airport), VEMR Airport (Dimapur Airport), VARK Airport (Rajkot Airport), VAGD Airport (Gondia Airport), VERC Airport (Ranchi Airport), VOHB Airport (Hubli Airport ), VOHY Airport (Hyderabad Airport) (Begumpet), VOSM Airport (Salem Airport), VEIM Airport (Imphal Airport), VEBI Airport (Shillong Airport) (Umroi), VAID Airport (Indore Airport), VISM Airport (Shimla Airport), VAJB Airport (Jabalpur Airport)   , VASU Airport (Surat Airport), VAJJ Airport (Juhu Airport), VOTP Airport (Tirupati Airport), VAKE Airport (Kandla Airport), VOTK Airport (Tuticorin Airport), VIGG Airport (Kangra Airport)(Gaggal), VAUD Airport (Udaipur Airport), VOKN Airport (Kanpur Airport) , VABO Airport (Vadodara Airport) , VEKO Airport (Khajuraho Airport), VOBZ Airport (Vijayawada Airport).

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