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Business Aircraft Ops to Bhutan

General Aviation (GA) flights operating into Bhutan has to keep in mind peak commercial traffic periods along with potential parking challenges and Special crew training requirement while planning International trip to Bhutan.

The following is an overview of what you need to know:

  • Popular Airports with CIQ facilities in Bhutan: VQPR Airport (PARO airport).
  • Landing Permit Lead Time and Requirements: It takes 7 working days to obtain Bhutan Landing permit. Complete flight details along with crew and pax details are required to apply for the Bhutan landing permit. Below documents are also required to be submitted to Civil Air Office along with landing application :
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Insurance Certificate
  • AOC or Ops Specs
  • All Pages of the license of Operating crew members.
  • Valid medical of operating crew members
  • Log book of the pilot in command
  • If no guide pilot / Navigator used, proof of training session under taken by the flight crew for this particular aerodrome.
  • General Declaration.
  • Parking considerations in Bhutan: Overnight parking at VQPR airport is available with prior approval only due to limited parking stands. It is recommended to confirm parking arrangements well in advance before operating into VQPR Airport.
  • Airport slots and PPR in Bhutan:When you operate to VQPR airport slots are required. Slots are requested via e-mail / fax from the airport slot coordinator. This is generally done by the agent or handler on the behalf of operator..
  • General Aviation Crew Visa  Requirements for Bhutan :It is recommended that all general aviation crew arriving in Bhutan must carry with them a valid VISA issued by the Bhutan Embassy / Bhutan Consulate.
  • Visa on arrival: Yes, Visa on arrival facility is available for crew members at Bhutan with prior approval. Please note crew can also be cleared on Gendec (require passport with min 06 months validity, crew ID and hotel booking within Paro City). However, crew require prior visa if they wish to stay out of Paro as per Immigration regulations.
  • Ground Handler at Bhutan: VVIP Flight ( can assist you with your Landing permits, Diplomatic clearance, Ground handling, slots, parking, CIQ coordination, Catering coordination, Aviation Fuel coordination, Ground transportation arrangements, flight dispatch, weather services, hotel arrangements and other GA flight services at VQPR airport, Bhutan.
  • Towing requirements : While some power in/power out parking spots are available but it is mandatory requirement to carry tow bar on board the aircraft while operating into VQPR airport.
  • CREW TRAINING REQUIREMENTS : Specific Category “C” requirements of Paro International airport has been fulfilled by the Operating crew with regard to the following areas: a) The flight to be accompanied by a guide pilot / Navigator on board who has been flying into Paro Aerodrome on a regular basis or an operating crew who has flown before and knows the aerodrome very well. If guide pilot / Navigator are required, the operator shall  Communicate with VVIP Flight ( who in turn will  Coordinate and arrange for a guide pilot/ Navigator for you; OR b) If the operating crew has flown into Paro Aerodrome during the last one year ; OR c) An operating crew who has undergone a Simulator familiarization training to operate into Paro Aerodrome / VQPR aerodrome.
  • Curfew and Restrictions :It is recommended to check GA restriction and curfew before you operate into Bhutan.
  • Aviation Jet Fuel: Fuel facility is available at international airport in Bhutan.
  • Caterer: It is recommended to bring catering from 5 star hotels.
  • Hotels in Bhutan: Le Meridian Paro, Riverfront and Zhiwa Ling Hotel are some of good hotel options available in the city.
  • Places to Visit in Bhutan: The fairytale, mystical Kingdom of Bhutan is world-famous for measuring Gross National Happiness, an index which is used to measure the collective happiness and well-being of a population. Bhutan is a spectacular, unspoilt country steeped in ancient traditions and with a history that is as tall as its Himalayan mountain peaks. It’s a country where mystical Buddhism thrives, archery is the national sport, almost everyone wears national dress, and traffic lights are absent. The Kingdom is on top of many travellers’ bucket lists (and for good reason), yet is tricky to visit. There are several reasons why you should put Bhutan on your bucket list:
  • Hike the sacred path to Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan’s most iconic temple
  • Visit the ancient fortress of Punakha Dzong
  • Explore the outdoors (hiking, white water rafting, cycling, etc …)
  • Explore Thimphu, the world’s only capital without traffic lights
  • Observe wildlife, including the rare black necked cranes
  • Drive along majestic mountain passes
  • Attend a colourful Bhutanese festival

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Note: Regulations, watch hours, NOTAM or any other information given in above page are subject to change from time to time, for most latest information please feel free to contact us.

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