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Curfew on charter flights and private jets doubled to 8 hours at Mumbai airport, operators fume

The curfew on flights operated by charter companies and private aircraft owners at Mumbai airport has been increased to eight hours from four. With the second airport to serve the Mumbai metropolitan region — the Navi Mumbai airport — more than a year away, business aircraft operators have
sought urgent intervention from the civil aviation ministry. The eight-hour curfew on movement of general aviation flights or non-airline passenger aircraft went into effect as air traffic at the city airport soared at the
end of 2023,

Now, business jets or charter flights can’t take off or land in Mumbai between 8 and llama, 5 and 8 pm, and 9.15 and 11.15 pm. The restriction doesn’t apply to VVIP flights. scheduled flights operate in and out of the city airport On average, 55 no single runway daily.

Given Mumbai’s concentration of multinational corporations, the business aviation sector has consistently advocated for the removal of curfew timings at the Mumbai airport..,” said Capt Rajesh Bali, managing director, of the Business Aircraft Operators Association, in a letter sent to the Civil Aviation Ministry on Feb

  1. “Getting permission to take off during the non-curfew hours too is difficult,” said Capt Bali told TOI. On Nov II, 2023, Mumbai airport handled its highest-ever flight load, with a total of 1,032 arrivals and departures in 24 hours on the single runway. The last time the airport handled three-digit flight volumes in 24 hours was in 2018, before the pandemic and before Jet Airways’ closure in April 2019.


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VVIP FLIGHT: French President Emmanuel Macron’s State Visit to India: A Majestic Sojourn in Jaipur and New Delhi, India

In a grand spectacle, President Emmanuel Macron of the French Republic graced India with his presence from January 25 to 26, 2024, at the invitation of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The visit marked a pivotal moment as President Macron served as the Chief Guest for India’s 75th Republic Day celebrations.

Amidst the vibrant celebrations, President Macron’s itinerary included a visit to Jaipur, where he explored the breathtaking Amber Fort, the iconic Hawa Mahal, and the celestial wonders of Jantar Mantar. The French President also took center stage as the Chief Guest during the Republic Day Parade 2024.

Ensuring the seamless execution of this high-profile visit, the French side selected VVIP Flight Pvt Ltd for ground handling services at both Jaipur (VJP airport) and New Delhi (VIDP) airports. Renowned for their exceptional service and unwavering commitment to safety standards, VVIP Flight Pvt Ltd emerged as the preferred ground handling and trip support provider for dignitaries.

Expressing enthusiasm about the collaboration, the Managing Director of VVIP Flight Pvt Ltd stated, ‘We are thrilled to provide ground handling services for the French President and the Delegation aircraft at Jaipur and New Delhi airports. This partnership signifies a significant milestone, showcasing VVIP Flight’s dedication to delivering top-tier services and contributing to the growth of India’s aviation industry. As we extend our support to the President’s aircraft, we remain steadfast in providing seamless and sustainable ground handling solutions, solidifying our position as a trusted partner in the aviation landscape.’

This high-profile collaboration between VVIP Flight Pvt Ltd and the French President underscores the industry’s commitment to excellence and elevates the standard of aviation services in India.”

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Cargo Handling Services by VVIP Flight

In the dynamic world of cargo transportation, precision, and expertise are paramount to ensure that a diverse range of cargo reaches its intended destinations intact and on time. In this regard, our esteemed company stands at the forefront, boasting an impressive track record in handling a wide array of cargo types across multiple countries, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan.

Expertise Across Cargo Spectrum

Our proficiency encompasses an extensive range of cargo types, showcasing our ability to cater to diverse industries and their unique cargo needs. Here’s an overview of the types of cargo we specialize in handling:

1. General Cargo

General cargo forms the backbone of global trade, covering a wide array of products and materials. We excel in handling and transporting general cargo, ensuring safe and efficient delivery to the designated locations.

2. Special Cargo

Special cargo requires extra attention and expertise. Our team is adept at handling specialized cargo, including pharmaceuticals, outsize cargo, sensitive and fragile cargo, heavy machinery, generators, CNG compressors, and more.

3. Live Animals

Transporting live animals demands a high level of care and precision to ensure their well-being during the journey. We have the necessary facilities and experience to handle live animal cargo with utmost care and compliance.

4. Dangerous or Hazardous Cargo

Safety is our priority when it comes to handling dangerous or hazardous cargo. Our trained professionals follow strict guidelines to ensure the safe transportation of such cargo, adhering to all regulatory requirements.

5. Perishable Cargo-Perishable cargo, such as food items or pharmaceuticals with specific temperature requirements, demands swift and accurate handling. Our specialized equipment and trained staff guarantee that perishable cargo reaches its destination in optimal condition.

6. Temperature-Controlled Cargo

Maintaining the right temperature throughout transit is crucial for certain cargo. We provide top-notch solutions for temperature-controlled cargo, ensuring that the cargo remains within the specified temperature range during transportation.

7. Mail Cargo

Efficient and timely handling of mail cargo is essential. Our streamlined processes and dedicated teams ensure that mail cargo is promptly and securely transported to the intended recipients.

8. Human Remains, Tissue, and Organ Cargo

Transporting human remains, tissues, or organs requires compassion, precision, and compliance with specific regulations. We handle such cargo with the utmost care and respect, meeting all necessary guidelines.

9. Odd Size Cargo and Heavy Machinery

Cargo that falls outside standard size and weight parameters requires specialized handling. Our fleet of equipment, including explosive vehicles, trailers, cranes, forklifts, and high loaders, allows us to efficiently handle odd-size cargo and heavy machinery.

Specially Trained Staff and Advanced Equipment

To ensure the safe and efficient handling of various cargo types, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and possess a team of specially trained professionals. Our expertise in utilizing specialized vehicles, trailers, cranes, forklifts, and high loaders enables us to handle even the most challenging cargo with precision and safety.

Your Trusted Cargo Transportation Partner

At VVIP Flight Pvt Ltd we take pride in being a reliable and trusted partner for all cargo handling and transportation needs. Our commitment to excellence, paired with our versatile capabilities, allows us to seamlessly handle diverse cargo types and provide unparalleled service to our clients across the Indian subcontinent.

With our dedication to safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction, we look forward to continuing to be your preferred choice for all your cargo transportation requirements.

If you have any questions about this article or would like assistance planning your next trip to India, contact us or (OPS) – (+91)-8010686868.

Note: Regulations, watch hours, NOTAM, or any other information given in the above article are subject to change from time to time, for the most updated information please feel free to contact us at or (OPS) – (+91)-8010686868

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Ramp Handling Services by VVIP Flight

At VVIP Flight, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive array of ramp handling services meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of your airline. Our highly trained ramp agents are well-versed in all facets of ramp handling and airline operations. This ensures that the demands of your airline are met with the highest level of service, even in the face of irregular operations.

The Essence of Ramp Handling

Ramp handling stands at the heart of an efficient and safe aviation experience. It encompasses a complex blend of planning, coordination, and communication to execute precise ramp and loading services. Our adept professionals, supported by modern and well-maintained equipment, manage this seamlessly.

Skilled Teams for Smooth Operations

Our ramp services teams are dedicated to handling your aircraft with utmost safety and efficiency, guaranteeing smooth operations and timely departures. These services are indispensable for dignitaries, Heads of state, Private jet owners, Business aircraft operators, Cargo flights, and Military aircraft in the South Asian region, including countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan.

Every Second Counts

In the realm of ramp handling, time is of the essence, and we are committed to ensuring that our customers’ tight schedules are met. Through our modern ramp services, we deliver a wide range of aircraft handling functions, leaving no room for delays. Our offerings include aircraft loading and unloading, technical support functions, provision of pushback vehicles, air start units, air conditioning units, ground power units, potable water units, toilet servicing units, etc.

Our Comprehensive Ramp Handling Services

Our services are meticulously tailored to ensure a seamless experience for our esteemed clientele. These include:

Baggage Handling: Efficient and careful baggage handling, prioritizing security and timeliness.

Marshaling: Precise aircraft positioning and guidance by trained marshaling experts.

Parking: Safe and accurate aircraft parking, considering the specific needs of each airline.

Cooling/Heating: Ensuring the appropriate temperature control within the aircraft for the comfort of passengers and cargo.

Ramp to Flight-deck Communications: Facilitating effective communication between ground personnel and the flight deck for smooth coordination.

Loading/Unloading: Timely and secure loading and unloading of cargo and passenger items.

Air Start Unit: Providing the necessary air start units to power up aircraft systems efficiently.

Safety: Implementing strict safety protocols at every step to guarantee a secure environment.

Moving of Aircraft: Handling aircraft movements on the ground with precision and safety in mind.

Toilet Services: Proper maintenance and servicing of aircraft toilets for passenger comfort.

Water Services: Supplying potable water for aircraft needs.

Cabin Equipment: Handling and maintenance of cabin equipment to ensure functionality and safety.

Cabin Material Storage: Efficient storage of cabin materials for easy access and organization.

Catering Ramp Services: Coordination and support for catering services to meet passengers’ culinary needs.

Cabin Cleaning: Thorough cleaning of the cabin area to maintain a pristine environment for passengers.

At VVIP Flight, we understand the critical role that ramp handling plays in the aviation industry. Our dedication to providing top-notch, tailored services ensures that every aspect of your aircraft’s time on the ground is managed with precision and expertise. We stand committed to delivering excellence in ramp handling, facilitating a seamless travel experience for VVIPs and esteemed travelers across the South Asian region.

If you have any questions about this article or would like assistance planning your next trip to India, contact us or (OPS) – (+91)-8010686868.

Note: Regulations, watch hours, NOTAM, or any other information given in the above article are subject to change from time to time, for most updated information please feel free to contact us at or (OPS) – (+91)-8010686868

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Ground Handler at VAPR Airport, PORBANDAR Airport, PBD Airport, India

Field Elevation23 FT
Time Zone:UTC+5:30
TWR122.300 MHZ
Runway 09/27Length – 1372 m
Width – 45 m
PCN – 22/F/B/W/T
Watch Hours at VAPR airportMON-FRI – (0400-1200 UTC)
Restrictions of VAPR airportTow Bar Requirement at VAPR Airport
Ground Handler at VAPR AirportVVIP Flight / / +91-8010686868
Supervision at VAPR AirportVVIP Flight / / +91-8010686868
Customs Airport of Entry:No (This is a domestic airport)
Fuel Available at VAPR Airport:Yes
Slots / PPR requirements at VAPR Airport:Yes, Slots/PPR are required at VAPR Airport.
Crew Visa requirement at VAPR Airport:NA (This is a domestic airport.)
Pax visa requirement at VAPR Airport:NA (This is a domestic airport.)
E-visa accepted at VAPR AirportNA (This is a domestic airport.)
General Aviation Terminal / Lounge at VAPR AirportNot Available
Catering Availability at VAPR AirportKindly contact our ops team at for assistance.
Power-in / Self Power out parking stands are subject to availability. Kindly contact our ops team at to check availability of tow bar at this location. It is mandatory requirement to carry tow bar onboard the aircraft in India.Power in / Self Power out parking stands are subject to availability. Kindly contact our ops team at to check availability of tow bar at this location. It is mandatory requirement to carry tow bar onboard the aircraft in India.
India Landing Permit RequirementIt takes 03 working days to obtain India landing permit (flight should operate on 4th day) except flights originating from PRC countries i.e., China, North Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Nigeria. It takes 07 working days to obtain landing permission for flights originating from PRC countries (flight should operate on 8th day).
Recommended 5star Hotel at VAPR AirportKindly contact our ops team at for assistance.

If you have any questions about this article or would like assistance planning your next trip to India, contact us or (OPS) – (+91)-8010686868.

Note: Regulations, watch hours, NOTAM or any other information given in the above article are subject to change from time to time, for most updated information please feel free to contact us at or (OPS) – (+91)-8010686868.

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