VVIP FLIGHT's Private Jet Catering Service in Sri Lanka- Crafting Excellence

At VVIP FLIGHT, InFlight dining is more than a meal—it's an experience crafted with unparalleled dedication. For our clients traveling via private jet, attention to detail is paramount. We invest unwavering effort in sourcing the finest ingredients, collaborating with top-notch chefs, 5-star hotels, and caterers to curate delectable and visually stunning culinary offerings.

Our team of InFlight Catering experts is attuned to the unique requisites of private aviation. Each product is meticulously designed to fulfill these needs. From flight-durable packaging to conveniently heat-and-serve meals, we prioritize seamless enjoyment in the skies.

Embracing the significance of convenience and adaptability, we provide direct delivery to your aircraft. This guarantees that your meal arrives in its prime, ready to be relished whenever you choose.

We WELCOME you aboard to enjoy services beyond Excellence!!

For inquiries and bookings for Catering services in Sri Lanka, please contact us at ops@vvipflight.com or reach us 24x7 at (OPS) +91-8010686868.